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  • PRP-therapy - innovative treatment joints at a low price!

    Modern treatment of joint pain at the lowest price in the medical centre "Tomography"!

  • Cell Therapy - innovative method of treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and restoration of lost activity

    The most natural way of treatment by producing a cell product and introducing it into the cavity of an affected joint

  • MRI of the whole body - the most accurate and safe diagnostic imaging choice for patients

    An efficient way to detect hidden diseases in its earliest stages while effective treatment is still possible

  • Contrast enhanced MRI: high-precision method of examination with intravenous contrast agents

    More accurately characterize different types of lesions using the latest Siemens Magnetom Spectra MR system 3 Tesla

  • Non-enhanced MRI of the prostate - precision visualisation of the structures within a man's prostate gland

    Clear and detailed images with no ionizing radiation, diagnosis of infection, an enlarged prostate or congenital abnormalities

About the center


Tomografiya Medical Centre is the first private medical centre in Belarus providing innovative MRI and U/S diagnosis, high-tech medical clinical solutions and services in the following fields: neurology, neurosurgery, oncology, orthopaedics, rehabilitation medicine, rheumatology, endocrinology for the most demanding customers. Tomografiya Medical Centre is an official partner of Siemens Healthineers, a market leader in diagnostic imaging systems.

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Our experience
  • Case report: Devic's disease

    Diagnosis of a rare disease at Tomografiya Medical Centre using a high precision MRI system

  • Case report: pituitary adenoma

    Another case report from our practical experience confirming the significance of an innovative MRI

  • MRI for a bone fracture

    The importance of diagnosis following bumps and falls. A case report from our practical experience

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