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U/S is a recognised, highly informative and absolutely safe method of examination of the state of internal organs, blood vessels and the soft tissue in the human body using ultrasonic waves. This diagnostic method generally does not require special preparation, it is safe for children and adults, and allows obtaining a precise result in the shortest time. Annual ultrasound examination allows detecting pathological processes in the early stages and performing a comprehensive examination and treatment in a timely manner.

You can have the U/S examination in Minsk at Tomografiya Medical Centre of Innovative Diagnosis.

We provide:

  • Expert-class U/S equipment –Hitachi ARIETTA V70, a three-dimensional scanning with 3D sensors in real time (4D)
  • Sonographers with practical experience of more than 20 years
  • Reasonable prices
  • No queues.

Ultrasound examination of a wide clinical range: blood vessels, the abdominal cavity and lesser pelvis, glands and lymph nodes, etc.

Expert-class U/S equipment

Ultrasound examination is performed using areal time U/S system. The system allows obtaining a clear 3D image of internal organs and their individual structures, blood vessels and the soft tissue, regardless of the patient's constitution. The unique design of the sensors allows obtaining a detailed image of the structure of blood vessels and their branching. For assessment of blood flow rate and its features, a special mode of detailed visualisation is used. Detailed information of Hitachi ARIETTA V70 is presented here.

Preparation for U/S examination

If you are planning to have the U/S of the abdominal cavity, two days before the examination exclude products that increase flatulence in the intestinal tract - legumes, rye bread, fresh vegetables. Opt for dairy products and boiled or steamed meals. The last meal should be 8 hours before the examination.

For U/S of the lesser pelvis, prostate gland, urinary bladder, arrive for the examination with a filled urinary bladder.

U/S of blood vessels, thyroid, lymph nodes, and other types of U/S examinations do not require special preparation.

How the examination is performed
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    Make an appointment for U/S examination
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    Pay for the service

    Choose any payment option suitable for you: cash or non-cash; an option of online payment via your personal account will soon be available

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    Have the U/S examination

    U/S examination is performed using a high precision expert-class Hitachi ARIETTA V70 ultrasound system, a three-dimensional scanning in real time (4D)

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    Get the results of U/S examination

    After the U/S examination, you will receive a recording of 3D images, and a detailed report of the sonographer in paper form

Advantages of ultrasound examination at Tomografiya Medical Centre in Minsk
  • Safety – ultrasound is harmless even for pregnant women and infants
  • A clear and precise display of the structure of internal organs, endocrine glands, muscles and the lymphoid tissue
  • Painless and comfortable for the patient diagnostic examination
  • Ultrasound examination is priced significantly lower than CT or MR examination, while its diagnostic significance remains high.

U/S examinations:

U/S of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space
U/S of the urinary system
U/S of the thyroid
U/S of mammary glands
U/S of the heart
U/S of blood vessels
U/S of joints
U/S of peripheral nerves
U/S of lymph nodes
U/S of pleural cavities

Contraindications to U/S

The only contraindication to U/S examination is damaged skin in the examined area.