Cell Therapy

MESENCHYMAL STEM CELL THERAPY is an innovative method of anaesthesia and tissue regeneration using the body's own resources.  Treatment is based on introduction (transplantation) of a cell product obtained from human endogenous stem cells.

Stem cells form the basis of our life. Without them, self-recovery of all tissues and organs of the human body is impossible. The unique feature of stem cells is that they are able to divide and transform into cells of any type, that is, they literally can generate missing parts of organs and tissues.

By its potential, cell therapy is similar to PRP therapy (platelet-rich plasma treatment), but stimulates regenerative processes 4 times more effectively!


At Tomografiya Medical Centre (Minsk), cell therapy is used for treatment of musculoskeletal disorders by producing a cell product and introducing it into the cavity of an affected joint. This is an easy and most natural way to restoration of lost activity. It should be noted that the decision on the need for stem cell therapy is taken solely by the doctor, after consultation with the patient and analysis of medical records of the patient. Preliminary assessment of medical records is performed by the doctor for free.

Indications for endogenous stem cell therapy:

  • Stage 1-2-3 osteoarthritis of the hip and knee joint
  • Stage 1-2-3 post-traumatic osteoarthritis of the hip and knee joint
  • Osteochondritis dissecans of femoral condyles and the trochlea of talus


  • Acute infectious diseases, including ARVI
  • Infectious inflammatory lesion of the joint
  • Axial deformation of the joint of more than 10°.
  • Chronic diseases at the stage of exacerbation and/or decompensation (including type 2 diabetes mellitus, CHF)
  • Acute skin disorders
  • Coagulopathy
  • Concomitant systemic disorders of the connective tissue
  • Oncological diseases
  • Pregnancy
  • Cachexia or pronounced weight deficit
  • Hypotrophy or lack of sufficient subcutaneous fat in the area of intervention
  • Positive results of laboratory tests for HIV, viral hepatitis, syphilis
  • Mental disorders, including dementia, pronounced cognitive and behavioural disorders
  • History of allergic reactions to anaesthetics, analgesics, antibiotics
  • Age under 18 and over 80 years
  • Alcohol and drug intoxication

The method of stem cell therapy for joint disorders includes several stages:

  • MRI of the joint with cartilage mapping using a high precision MRI system with a magnetic field strength of 3 Tesla with a consultation of an orthopaedic traumatologist
  • Determination of the dose and mode of administration of stem cells.  Sampling of biological material (adipose tissue)
  • Manufacture of the cell product, culture of endogenous stem cells
  • Ultrasound-guided intra-articular transplantation of the cell product
  • Check-up MRI of the joint with cartilage mapping in one year after transplantation
  • Management of pain syndrome and increasing the mobility of joints. Return to the usual mode of life.

The full cycle of mesenchymal stem cell therapy lasts about 1 year. Throughout the entire treatment period, the patient’s condition is continuously monitored and controlled. In most cases, introduction of stem cells is performed twice, sometimes three times. In other words, the patient requires another (in some cases, another two) repeated transplantation of stem cells. In should be noted that the decision on the need for re-implantation is taken by the attending doctor, based on the course of treatment in each particular case.

It is important to follow doctor's orders! Compliance with recommendations and commitment of the patient ensures successful restoration of the integrity and functioning of all elements of the spine and joints.


  • The use of high precision Siemens Magnetom Spectra system with a magnetic field strength of 3 Tesla for the most accurate assessment and detailed study of the cartilage defect in three planes
  • Regular monitoring and patient support throughout the entire treatment period
  • Safety and minimal risks of infection due to the following factors:
    • the cell product is manufactured from endogenous adipose tissue of the patient and does not come into contact with external environment
    • Tomografiya Medical Centre carefully monitors the sterility and safety of all types of medical services
  • Partnership with the Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, famous for its fundamental research
  • Experienced and highly qualified doctors who regularly improve their professional level

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