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Ilkevich Andrey Georgievich

MRI doctor
Practical experience: 28 years
Category: Highest qualification category
Specialisation: Radiation diagnostics (MRI, CT)

Field of activity:

MRI of mammary glands, brain, pelvic organs, abdominal organs and bones.


1985-1993 - Minsk State Medical Institute.

Specialization: pediatrician.

1993-1994 - Minsk State Medical Institute.

Specialization: doctor of radiation diagnostics and radiation therapy.


1998 - training course in modern radiology, Grac, Austria.

1996 - training course in mammology diagnostic, CAV, Nancy, France.

2007 - X-ray computed and magnetic resonance imaging (Moscow, RosMAPO).

2016 - X-ray computed and magnetic resonance imaging (Minsk).

2018 - Radiology (X-ray diagnostics, CT, MRI, PET) "on the basis of the Educational Center of the Institute of High Medical Technologies of St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg).


1993-1994 - trainee doctor at Scientific Research Institute of Achievements and Medical Sciences;

1994-2006 - Radiologist at the Scientific Research Institute of Achievement and Research;

since 2006 - doctor of the CT, MRI department of the radiation diagnostics department of the State Institution "Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Oncology and Medical Radiology named after V.I. N.N. Alexandrova ";

since 2019 - MRI doctor at the Tomography Medical Center.