Case report: pituitary adenoma

Patient K., 17 years old, applied to Tomografiya Medical Centre for a neurologist's consultation with complaints about rapid weight gain, stretch marks on the stomach, depressed mood, fatigue, fainting with cramps in the arms and legs.

Three years ago, with the onset of puberty, the girl, being of an asthenic constitution, suddenly began to gain weight quickly. Six months later, she fainted for the first time. Fainting became recurrent, and later were accompanied by tonic tension in the arms and legs and cyanosis (blue discolouration) of the lips.

Parents repeatedly sought medical help. A CT of the brain was performed, but no pathologies were detected.

After the examination, the neurologist of Tomografiya Medical Centre referred the patient for an MRI of the brain.

Upon close examination of the MR images obtained, a multidisciplinary team meeting of the specialists of Tomografiya Medical Centre suggested the presence of pituitary adenoma (tumour), which was visualised using an MR system with a magnetic field strength of 3 Tesla.

The girl was referred for a consultation of our endocrinologist and neurosurgeon. Unfortunately, the diagnosis was confirmed; fortunately, in a timely manner. The patient will undergo a scheduled surgery.

Tomografiya Medical Centre wishes the patient a quick recovery from the bottom of our hearts!

P.S. Pituitary adenoma is a hidden and dangerous disease that modern medicine cannot prevent. The pituitary gland is surrounded by vital areas of the brain, large vessels and nerves, therefore adenoma may lead to severe endocrinological and neurological consequences. Nevertheless, in many cases this tumour responds to treatment, and the key thing to do is to consult a doctor in a timely manner.

The earlier you seek medical help, the more likely is a positive outcome in the treatment of a disease!