Clinical case: hand pain and finger numbness

Patient N., 52 years old, went to see a neurologist at the TOMOGRAPHY Medical Center due to pain in the hands and numbness of the fingers.

The pains appeared several years ago. The woman asked for help and underwent treatment in one of the clinics in Minsk. Last year, the patient was offered surgery.

Examination by a neurologist of our center revealed:

  • pain on palpation of the wrist joint area, aggravated by movement
  • numbness and severe paresthesias of the first, second and third fingers
  • positive Tinel's symptom and Phalen's test on both sides.

The patient was recommended to conduct an MRI examination of the wrist joints. The study revealed swelling and thickening of the median nerves on both sides, as well as signs of arthrosis-arthritis of the joints.

After the diagnosis, drug treatment was prescribed, as well as PRP-therapy of the wrist joint area.

Comprehensive treatment results:

  • Significant reduction in the severity of pain syndrome
  • Reducing the dose of drugs taken to the minimum.

PRP therapy is an innovative method of treatment that is actively used in various fields of medicine and proves its effectiveness in combination with drug therapy, physiotherapy, massage, exercise therapy, etc.