Clinical case: Degenerative disease of the central nervous system

Patient L., male, 69 years old. His relatives turned to the medical center "Tomography" with complaints about changes in gait, speech, behavior. Relatives began to notice inadequacy (childishness), stiffness and slowness of movements, frequent falls. The patient himself did not present any complaints.

Symptoms first appeared 2 years ago.

When contacting the medical center "Tomography", the man was referred for an MRI of the brain, and also examined by a neurologist of the highest qualification category.

During the MRI study, the following were found:

  • Severe asymmetric atrophy of the frontal lobes
  • Atrophy of the midbrain and corpus callosum
  • The ventricles of the brain are moderately dilated, lateral asymmetric, with periventricular leukoaraiosis
  • Cleavage of the transparent partition along the entire length up to 9mm

Presumptive diagnosis: Neurodegenerative brain disease of the type of progressive supranuclear palsy. Additional examination in a neurological hospital was recommended.