MRI for a bone fracture

Unfortunately, winter is a time of an increase in injury rates. This is caused by ice slick, as well as the early nightfall. Slippery steps, sidewalks, shoes with inappropriate soles – all of this can lead to a fall, thus possibly resulting in a spinal fracture.

In case of first degree fractures, it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to see the changes on a radiograph.  E.g. this applies to a compression fracture of the vertebral body, or a fracture of the sacral bone. The patient may complain for a long time of an aching pain in the back or in the coccygeal bone, and not receive adequate treatment.

In such cases, MRI using an ultra-high field and ultra-sensitive imaging system is the first and necessary step to find out the cause and assign the right therapy. As cases from our practice already show, timely examination is the key to successful treatment of injuries and fractures.

A case report from experience of Tomografiya Medical Centre

Patient P.N., 1971, applied to the centre with complaints of pain in the back and in the sacral bone. A few hours before this, a woman slipped and fell on her back in the street. Immediately after the fall, she felt a sharp pain in the thoracic spine and a second breath hold. Shortly after that, pain occurred in the sacral bone. She took several tablets of a painkiller at her own discretion.

The pain persisted, and the woman applied to Tomografiya Medical Centre, where she was examined by a neurologist and orthopaedist. Upon examination, the following was detected:

  • pain on palpation of spinous processes of thoracic spine
  • painful axial load on the spine
  • rectal examination of the coccygeal bone – without pathology.

Patient P.N. was assigned an MRI of the thoracic and lumbosacral spine.



Diagnosis: Compression fracture of the body of 11th thoracic vertebra. Closed fracture of the lateral mass of the sacral body on the right without displacement. Appropriate treatment was assigned. In this case, it was impossible to make a correct diagnosis without an MRI.

Do not live with pain! In case of an injury, immediately seek medical help and get an MRI of the injured part of the body. Tomografiya Medical Centre is always ready to perform an urgent MR examination if need be.