Whole body MRI. A clinical case at the "Tomography" MC.

MC "Tomography" is a modern private medical center for MRI diagnostics. I am pleased to announce the new and positive results of MRI of the whole body of a patient who had previously been diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the lymphatic system.

Whole body MRI in our medical center can be performed according to the standard protocol (neck, chest, abdominal cavity and pelvic organs are examined) and according to the extended protocol (in addition to the standard protocol, the brain is examined).

Whole body MRI is interpreted by doctors of the highest qualification category, including Ph.D.

The features of this diagnosis are as follows:

  • A comprehensive assessment of organs and systems is carried out within 1 hour.
  • The visualization of pathological formations has been improved through the use of a new technique of diffusion-weighted research (DWI).
  • The study is completely safe and does not carry radiation exposure.
  • For diagnostics, in most cases, intravenous administration of contrast agents is not required. Pineapple juice is used as an auxiliary contrast, which is recommended to be drunk before examination (contains manganese - a special contrast for intestinal contents).

We present a clinical case demonstrating the capabilities of whole body MRI after the completion of treatment for lymphoma (malignant tumor of the lymphatic system).

Patient V., 32 years old. She fell ill with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2016. Initially, the lymph nodes of the neck, mediastinum, and the root of the lung were affected, stage 2a. 5 courses of chemotherapy were carried out. Then, in April 2017, a PET / CT (positron emission computed tomography) scan of the whole body was performed, which showed complete regression of the tumors. Further, the patient underwent PET / CT twice, according to the results of which there was no evidence of a relapse of lymphoma.

Due to concerns about her health, to confirm remission (no tumor recurrence), the patient decided to undergo a control examination at the Tomography MC using a new safe method of medical imaging - MRI-DWI (MRI with diffusion-weighted research) of the whole body.

The survey results are presented in the images. No data were available for recurrent lymphoma.

A. T2-weighted image of the whole body in the frontal plane.

B. T1-weighted image of the whole body in the frontal plane.

B. T2-weighted transverse image at the level of the lungs and mediastinum.

D. T2-weighted image in the transverse plane at the level of the liver.

E. T1-weighted transverse image at the level of the ovaries.

The video shows a 3D rotary diffusion-weighted whole body image (PET-like).

Since the whole body MRI method is not only highly informative, but also safe (no radiation, no intravenous administration of contrast agents and radiopharmaceuticals is required), after the completion of the treatment of a malignant tumor, it can be performed as often as necessary, for example, once a year.

Important! Remember the need for strict adherence to the recommendations of the oncologist!

Be healthy!