U/S equipment

Tomografiya Medical Centre provides a wide clinical range of ultrasound examination using expert-class equipment.

SAMSUNG MEDISON H60 ultrasound system is a multifunctional device equipped with the most modern imaging and image processing technologies, which guarantees the highest quality of ultrasound examination.

The technical features of Samsung Medison H60:

  • High-resolution LED monitor with a wide viewing angle to support such features as panoramic imaging
  • Live 3D system is three-dimensional scanning with 3D sensors in real time (4D).
  • Systems of automatic image adjustment and digital adjustment of the quality enhancement of a 3D image of an organ in depth
  • Magnetic resonance image optimisation programme for enhancing contrast resolution and improving contour clarity.
  • A technology of enhancing the image quality of a 3D object due to removal of zones with vague visualisation.
  • The mode of volumetric shade visualisation on a 3D image.
  • Technologies to allow performing echocardiography and elastography in all modes
  • Systems for colour Doppler mapping and power Doppler, as well as tissue and pulsed wave Doppler sonography.
  • S-Flow is an innovative technology for colour blood flow mapping that allows detailed visualisation and evaluation of the blood flow in the smallest peripheral vessels, which guarantees the most precise diagnosis in the most difficult cases.
  • A technology for changing the direction of the ultrasound beam (relevant for the targeted biopsy)
  • A two-level heater maintaining the gel temperature at 36 to 39°C.

Tomografiya Medical Centre invites all patients to do the U/S examination using an innovative Samsung Medison H60 ultrasound system!

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